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Facebook Fan Page Design Services

How can HomerunDesign help with your Facebook Fan Page?

Facebook became an essential platform for businesses. It allows you to interact with your current customers, people interested in your services, as well as potential new customers.

Having a great looking Facebook Fan Page is therefore essential, not only to be able to set your business apart from the rest, but also to spread your brand.

And that’s exactly what Homerun Design can do for you: design and implement an eye-catching Fan Page, that will have your fans sharing and interacting with your content on daily basis.

Our designs come in variety of layouts, anything from single column to up to 3 column layout (great for posting special discounts and offers)

But there’s more than just a great design that Homerun Design can provide for your small business.

I can implement variety of interactive features such as:

Tabs Navigation – allows you to add website-like navigation to your Facebook Page, turning your Facebook page into an interactive full-scale web site

Page Like Reveal – allows you to hide portion of your content until user likes your page

Page Comment Reveal – allows you to hide portion of your content until user comments on your content

No Exit – allows you to offer a user something special when user tries to exit the page, thus giving user a reason to stay and interact longer

Email Collect – allows you to collect user’s email

Page Connect – allows you to implement all the above features directly on your regular web site. The result is a website closely tied to your Facebook Fan Page. This way you get users to interact not only with your Facebook Page, but also with the content on your regular website.

Content Services – HomerunDesign can provide proven content and status updates for your Facebook Pages that will have your fans sharing and interacting with your content.

What do you get?

  • Great Timeline Banner Design
  • Awesome website-like Fan Page
  • Technical support
  • Anything and everything needed to have your Fan Page done the right way and have your fans excited about every status update you make

What can you expect?
You can expect to end up with a top-notch Facebook Fan Page that fully meets your standards and requirements. Alright, here’s the process that will take you there:

  • Contact HomerunDesign and request a quote
  • You will receive email with all the info within 24 hours
  • After you pinch yourself to make sure that the price is really that low, contact me again. You’ll be asked a few questions to make sure I fully understand your business’ needs
  • A deposit of 25% of the agreed price needs to be made
  • Based on our discussion, the fan page design is created
  • Hi-res file is submited for approval
  • HomerunDesign will make any revisions you request
  • After final approval, final deposit is required
  • All files are delivered and you are provided login information to manage your Fan Page
  • Come back to HomerunDesign with all your future logo design needs

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