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HomerunDesign business policy

HomerunDesign does not discriminate against race, sexual orientation, gender, number of tattoos or length and quality of clients hair. In fact, HomerunDesign does not discriminate. Period. Well….. as always in life, there are a few exceptions. HomerunDesign has NOT , does NOT and will NOT work on your project if the project, or the organization or company behind the project:

  • promotes child abuse, child exploitation, child labor, child pornography, pedophilia,
  • or any other despicable activities against children
  • promotes exploitation of workers, domestic or foreign
  • promotes racism or hatred against other nations
  • promotes weapon trade with third world, or unstable countries
  • promotes illegal drug use
  • promotes any illegal activity, including copyright infringement
  • promotes pornography – I don’t need my two kids to be looking over my shoulder on such material.
  • However, artistic nudity is perfectly fine.
  • …and maybe some others

So, if you have no intention to do the above, let’s talk about your project today!

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