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QR Codes for Dummies Portable Edition (Kindle Edition)

The business world has gone mobile. Small and large businesses are learning to use this technology to carry their business marketing to cellular devices.

The mobile platform allows for advertising there much the same as on the Internet. One instrumental tool is the QR code.

Learn all about it in QR Codes for Dummies Portable Edition. What are QR codes you ask?

They are specialized barcodes that look more like a card from the Rorschach test, can take the world of mobile marketing to new levels. Within these two-dimensional codes, a variety of information can be embedded.For instance, regular barcodes on food are used to identify the product at the register (using horizontal spaces).

QR codes can store even more information in horizontal as well as vertical spaces. This includes videos, pictures and links to websites.

Customers can more easily fulfill your “call to action.”Marketing on mobile devices can increase your profit margin if you know where to begin. That is where this book comes in.

It discusses what QR codes are all about and how to use them as a part of your strategy. Once you use them you can track their results. Also, read about marketing campaign ideas that could benefit your business.

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