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Web Design and Development For Small Businesses

How can HomerunDesign help with your web project?
HomerunDesign specializes on building great web sites for small businesses and individuals. Although primarily serving local business in Scranton, Carbondale, Clarks Summit and Pocono area, the actual distance is no limitation.

After all, HomerunDesign is helping with business needs of its clients, and they certainly are not limited to geographical location. And neither are the web design services HomerunDesign offers! You will always receive not only a great web site designed with you in mind, but also a customer service that will make you come back to HomerunDesign with all your future web design needs.

Remember, your web site represents your business. Just as everyone recognizes the importance of a packaging, your web site acts the same way for your business image. Nice web site is not going to help a poorly ran business, but a bad web site can certainly damage otherwise well-ran business. But imagine to have a great web site and a great business. Now that’s a match in heaven.

Do you need a web site?
You may wonder if you really need a web site. You do not need to use your web site to sell your product to benefit from your online presence. In fact, most web sites do not sell anything, or at least do not process online payments. But the major advantage of a web site, no matter how small your business is, is that people simple expect you to have one. They want to see what’s going on with your business, they check to see information about special in-store offers, they want to check your store hours…..they simply want to stay informed.

Plus, do not dismiss the potential for national, or even international orders the Internet provides for your small business! Have you seen all that crazy stuff that sells on Ebay, and is bought by people worldwide? No matter what product or service you offer, the chances are, there is always someone online searching for information about exactly that product or service. So why not to utilize this power to your advantage?

The bottom line is, that if you are not on the Internet, people outside of your area will not know about your business, and people within your area will wonder, why they have to call you on the phone to see when does your store closes…..

What do you get?
That depends on the service needed. However, should you decide to go for a custom web site, you will get:

  • Photoshop design, layered, so you could update the graphics later, if needed
  • Home page plus all consequent pages, fully coded to latest standard
  • Optimized text for search engines (search engine optimization). That includes following all naming conventions
  • Accessible pages. That means, your web site would be viewable on all major browsers Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera
  • Design and implementation of header
  • Implementation and coding of photo galleries, including ‘random’ image viewer
  • Web site styled with CSS and fully commented for future updates
  • XHTML transitional code, fully commented for later updates
  • Tested web site
  • Technical support (uploading files, domain set up etc)
  • When all is coded, all pages, links, effects etc are tested
  • Anything and everything needed to get you the web site you can be proud of

What can you expect?
You can expect to end up with a great looking web site. Alright, here’s the process that will take you from no web site to a great web site:

  • Contact HomerunDesign and request a quote
  • You will receive email with all the info within 24 hours
  • After you pinch yourself to make sure that the price is really that low, contact me again. You’ll be asked a few questions to make sure we are on the same page
  • A deposit of 25% of the agreed price needs to be made
  • Based on our discussion, you will receive a Photoshop mock up of your homepage
  • HomerunDesign will make any revisions you request (up to 3 revisions for custom design, up to 2 revision for template modification)
  • After design of homepage is approved, a common page is designed and submitted for your revision
  • When design of the page is approved, a deposit of 25% of the agreed price needs to be made
  • Coding of the web site will start
  • Three pages will be submitted for your approval at a time. After each approval, a deposit of the agreed price is required
  • When all is coded, all pages, links, effects etc are tested
  • Final deposit is made and site is uploaded to your hosting
  • Enjoy your online presence, pamper your new customers, and show off your web site to the world
  • Come back to HomerunDesign with all your future web design and development needs